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30. Dezember 2017

Happy old time – picture of family

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Once with sun in opposite to 6 cap: „the archway leading into deeper woods with 10 logs in it“ I made this pic of me and my little girls.
Sun was on 6 cancer instead:
sping birds are feathering their nest.
Well, wasnt this a nest?!

Jupiter was on 5 taurus, the degree of the youthfull widow ( me? well, there is no man…. my little one has no real father in her life, just the father of my older one )

Moon was on 25 taurus, its the large well kept park. This was important degree in my life for long.
My ruler 5 was there long before in progression ( now it was karmic… )

Venus was opposite my radix venus, on 23 gemini, the 3 bird nestlings high in a tree.
Northnode was on the questdegree of my venus, the degree of the bird singing in front of the door of the house.
The degree of GC position in time of Mozart.

I really love this pictures of us. Have to print it for my daughters ( I am just sorting our pictures with progressive moon on 1 sag… 😉)

this opposition to the darker woods degree is why we just made late evening pictures… That camera could make picture in the night.

It was a happy time and I miss it.

I just felt I also want to share some personal pictures in here too again.


NEGATIVE Sourrounding….


this was the time when I had again bought that expensive camera, which a „friend“ had stolen from me – which was originally 1200€, but I got it in ebay for 350€. He not only had been stealing that expensive camera from me but things much more precious.
My relationship to my daughter he destroyed and manipulated very much…

he forced himself upon me sexually when I was after birth in bed and when I nourished my daughter he just entered and forced his hands and body next to mine and touched my breasts against my will.

I wantet to raise a child happily, but his force upon me lastet for years when I anyway trustet him in a world one cannot trust in anyway.

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